About Us

We are a group of architect experts of sustainable architectural design, gathered with these goals:

  • Design & implement energy- efficient buildings.
  • Provide our customers with healthy indoor air quality.
  • Strengthen their experience with us.
  • Spreading the culture of energy-saving buildings, clarifying their importance, and defining collective responsibility to preserve the environment.
Meet our Team
Our Mission

We believe that built environments are meant to be human, healthy, comfortable, functional, and sustainable. Using evidence-based design, we work closely with our clients to create customized engineered designs that fulfil their aspirations, as well as their buildings users priorities. Benefits are listed below but not limited to these points:

  • Breath continues circulated fresh air. This meant to stop the risk of spreading diseases and viruses.
  • Save from 70% to 90% of energy consumption, and thus your electric bill.
  • Live in 20 – 25 degrees C all year around.
  • Contribute to saving our planet.
  • Certify your building as Certified Passive House building.
  • Earn a LEED certificate for your building.
Our Core Values

Human health is our priority: We design sustainable & energy efficient buildings that maintain the human being right to live in an environment that she/he and the children deserve. Here is our design work values:

  • Design for human life quality
  • Focus on buildings users priorities
  • Engineering for sustainable buildings and areas.
  • Care of work details’ perfection
  • Transparent deals with clients
  • Collaborate with all the project’ core teams and member
Our Philosophy
  • Energy-Efficient design is not about high cost, it’s all about architecture science and effective sustainable criteria.
  • In the era of global warming phenomena, sustainability is the key to reducing our carbon footprint and conserving precious energy resources.
  • Our sustainability team realizes the intimidating climate challenges ahead and is grateful and excited to change course and drive transformational change in Egypt, the Middle East, and internationally.
  • Buildings are one of the largest end users of energy, consuming a third of global final energy and creating a fifth of all greenhouse gas emissions. As Population and urbanization growth is rising, the energy use in buildings may double and possibly triple by 2050. We are adopting current best practices and technologies to halve this amount by 2030 as per Paris Agreement.